A Complete Guide To Instagram Ads – 2021

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  • June 15, 2021
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The first thing that you do after getting up is most likely to peep in your phone and look at the latest updates. 

Most of us do that and we spend a lot of time scrolling through social media but how many times do we really differentiate between a sponsored post and a normal post? As our attention span is decreasing day by day, so is our ability to notice the difference between the two. 

Today’s youth love spending time on Instagram and thus marketing your products there is more promising and fruitful.  

According to the data, Instagram has one billion active monthly users and on average 500 million daily Instagram stories. Almost everyone and each business are on Instagram and numbers are increasing day by day. 

With such increasing numbers there is also a rise in competition and thus in organic reach. Many businesses are finding it difficult to get organic reach and visibility. 

To overcome the issue of not getting enough visibility and space, businesses promote their posts and stories on Instagram, and it is known as Instagram Ads.  

In this blog, we have discussed all Instagram Ads starting from what are Instagram Ads, Types of Instagram ads, objectives that Instagram Ads support, and many more. 

So, let’s quickly go through it all. 

What Are Instagram Ads? 

Instagram Ads are a way of promoting your business on users’ feeds in a form of either post, story, or video. It appears as a normal post with the label “Sponsored” to let users know that it is an advertisement. 

What Objectives Can You Set With Instagram Ads? 

Instagram Ads mainly gives three categories of objectives – Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion.  

Here is the list of objectives that Instagram Ads provide – 

Brand Awareness – 

As the name suggests, it helps your business to reach more users who are more likely to get engaged with your products or services and thus improving your brand awareness. 

Reach – 

With the objective of “Reach”, your ad will be visible to maximum numbers of people. 

Traffic – 

When you want more traffic to your website, landing page, or app, choosing “goal” as an objective is the right choice. 

Engagement – 

When you want an audience to like, comment, share and save your post, you need to set engagement as your objective.  

App Installs – 

When your goal is to increase the number of app installs 

Video Views – 

In-stream ads that show users your products, product launches, and behind the scenes (BTS) to let people know about your business and products. 

Lead Generation – 

As the name suggests, “lead generation”, helps in getting more form fill-ups and other data needed. 

Messages – 

When you want your audience to send you direct messages about your products and services. 

Conversions – 

When you want people to purchase products directly from your ads, setting “conversions” is the best way to get the maximum results. 

Store Traffic – 

When you have multiple business locations and want to have more in-store traffic; choose store traffic as your objective. 

“Nearly 53% of Instagram users are between the ages of 18 and 44” 

How Many Types of Instagram Ads Are There?  

Types of Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads offers eight different formats of Instagram Ads. 

Here is the list of Ad formats by Instagram Ads – 

→ Stories Ads

→ Photos Ads 

→ Video Ads

→ Carousel Ads 

→ Collection Ads 

→ Explore Ads 

→ IGTV ads and 

Instagram Shopping ads

Each of these Instagram Ads serves a different purpose and with different business goals and different call-to-action options. 

Let’s Discuss All Of These Ad Types In Brief –

Stories Ad – 

Story Ad on Instagram is a full-screen ad that appears in users’ Stories. With story ads, brands can quickly make a great impact on potential target audiences.  

There are 500 million daily users of Instagram and with story ads, you can reach a massive audience in an impactive way. 

Instagram Stories can leverage features like face filters, video effects, and text effects to make the story more engaging, fun, and creative. 

The “Swipe Up” feature of Instagram Stories works as a Call-To-Action (CTA) button and users can take valuable action from that. 

Photo Ads – 

Once you post an image, you can use that as an Advertisement. 

As a business owner, you can showcase your products and services through visually compelling and creative images. 

You can use an existing photo or create a new one for your ad campaign. 

Based on your campaign goal and objectives, you can pick the best CTAs like Shop Now, Visit Profile, Install Now, or so on. 

Video Ads – 

Video Ads are a great way to present your business in a storytelling way. Video Ads last up to one minute. 

Nonetheless, short videos are proven to be more effective while higher engagement ratio.

With short videos, you can present your brand and products quickly while passing your message without taking much time from your audience. 

Carousel Ads – 

Have you ever seen a post where you can see up to ten images together? You must have! A post with multiple images together is called a carousel post. 

When you promote your carousel ads, users can go through multiple images or videos while including the CTA button so that they can take desired actions. 

Carousel Ads are a great way to highlight multiple products, share a multi-part story, dive deep into a single service in up to ten images or videos. 

Collections Ads – 

Collection Ads are an eCommerce feature where users can purchase products directly from the ad. 

So suppose, if a user sees a collection ad and clicks on the Ad, they will be directed to an Instagram Instant Experience Storefront. 

With Collection Ads, you can leverage the power of photos, videos, and direct-response marketing together. 

Instagram Explore Ads – 

In Instagram, explore is a feature where users can discover new accounts, products, and content. 

Contrary to a belief that Instagram Explore Ads appear in the explore grid, an ad appears after someone clicks on a photo or video from Explore feed. 

By choosing Explore as an extra placement option, you can use your regular Instagram photo or video to reach the maximum audience. 


IGTV Ads are comparatively new to Instagram where businesses can showcase their products and services in between the IGTV. Content Creators get 55% of the ad revenue when an ad appears on their IGTV. 

Instagram Shoppable Ads – 

To access Instagram Shoppable Ads, a business needs to set up with Instagram shopping. 

Instagram shopping ads enable users to directly visit your product description page within the app while they make a purchase through your mobile website. 

How Much Do Instagram Ads Cost? 

To be honest, there is no one-type-fits-all for this question. Instagram Ads cost totally depends on your goals and objectives. There are multiple factors that decide the cost of your Instagram ads like targeting, ad placement, ad format, and time of the year. 

You can have as little as 50$ or as big as 5000$ as your budget. As a business, you can control your budget by setting a campaign spending limit, daily budget, and bid strategy. 

How To Choose The Best Instagram Ad Type – 

Choosing an ad type is very important and it depends on the goal of the campaign. 

To get the best goal for your campaign is by reviewing social media marketing strategy and leveraging the supported objectives of each Instagram ad format. Additionally, consider the type of content that gets the best response in an organic Instagram feed. 

You can track your ad’s performance by reviewing the Instagram insights and make appropriate adjustments accordingly.  

What Accounts Will I Be Needing For Instagram Ads? 

To advertise on Instagram, you will be needing a Facebook account as Instagram is owned by Facebook.  

You can manage all your Instagram Ads with ad creation, Power Editor, and the Facebook Ads API. For larger and bigger campaigns, Facebook Business Manager is the best option. 

If you don’t have an Instagram account, you won’t be able to respond to any comments and users won’t be able to click on your name or interact with your account. Moreover, if your page has a long name, it gets cut off, showing an unprofessional attitude. 

What Are The Instagram Ad Guidelines and Best Practices? 

According to Instagram’s ad guidelines, the text should not be covering 20% of the ad image’s overall area and you can’t feature illegal items like tobacco products or paraphernalia, weapons, and inappropriate adult content. 

As Instagram is a visual platform, ad approval depends on the quality of your images. Images with blurry resolutions, inappropriate subjects, unprofessional cropping or letterboxing, and illegible and jumbled copies are most likely to get rejected by the platform. 

Conclusion – 

With the latest techniques of modern advertising and marketing, you can maximize the reach and ROI of your ads while tracking the ad performance followed by required modification. 

All you need while advertising on Instagram is a little bit of patience and guts to experiment with your ad campaigns.  

If you are looking for someone who can help you with your Instagram Ads, ShowMe Up Media is the best and right choice for you. 

If you are looking for some help in your Instagram Advertising, you can drop us an email at info@showmeupmedia.com, or fill in the contact form, and we will get back to you ASAP!  

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