A Complete Guide To LinkedIn Ads In 2021

  • Matt Southern
  • July 1, 2021

With all the latest forms of Digital Marketing like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Pinterest Ads, LinkedIn ads seem to get ignored somewhere. 

As people are more on Instagram and FB, businesses are undervaluing the power of LinkedIn marketing. 

If you have a clear objective of getting more leads, then LinkedIn is surely your way of marketing. 

Not just leads, but LinkedIn ads provide us with qualified leads which are more likely to convert into paying customers and clients. 

Though LinkedIn Ads are highly effective and fruitful for B2B marketing, they can be beneficial for NGOs, universities, and various other types of organizations. 

As more businesses and brands are inclined towards Facebook and Instagram Ads, the true potential of LinkedIn ads is yet to be discovered for businesses. LinkedIn Ads support brands to meet specific business needs and goals with promising results. 

In this blog post, we have discussed all LinkedIn Ads and Marketing so keep reading this blog and you will get to know a lot more about LinkedIn Ads. 

What Are LinkedIn Ads? 

As the name suggests, LinkedIn Ads is a B2B advertising platform that provides your business with an edge and a chance to connect with an audience who is more interested in the offer that you have to provide along with a business mindset. 

As a B2B marketer, you must be knowing the importance of LinkedIn marketing as it has become an integral part of getting qualified leads, retaining the existing ones, and converting the ones who are more likely to buy your offers. LinkedIn Ads are simply great if you know exactly what you are looking for and whom you are targeting. 

Types of LinkedIn Ads – 

With LinkedIn Ads, you can choose the ad type for the campaign. 

Here are ad types for LinkedIn –

Sponsored Content – 

Also known as native ads, sponsored ads appear on users’ feeds with the label of “promoted” so that users can identify them. 

You can use carousel ads, single image ads, or video ads for sponsored content. 

Sponsored Messaging – 

Previously known as Sponsored InMail, it advertises your message directly to LinkedIn members in their inboxes. 

One thing that marketers should note here is that LinkedIn has a cap on how many members will receive sponsored messages per month and thus the audience you are targeting won’t receive one of your ads more than twice within a short period of time. 

Sponsored Messaging is a promising way of advertising your content as 87% of the audience prefer to stay in touch with businesses via messaging. 

Text Ads – 

Text Ads are only for the audience who is active on the desktop. Text Ads are a good option for building strong leads with professional demographics. LinkedIn Text Ads is a great way to generate leads. 

Dynamic Ads – 

Dynamic Ads are a form of personalized ads. When Dynamic Ads pop up in a member’s feed with their personal details like photo, employer’s name and Job Title will reflect back to them. 

Follower Ads and Sponsored Ads are two types of dynamic ads.

How To Create And use LinkedIn Leads Ads – 

LinkedIn Ads have their in-app leads forms where it gets automatically fill-ins with the information that the users have filled previous and thus making it easier for them to go through the process. 

In order to run a Lead Generation Campaign on LinkedIn, go to the campaign manager and click on the “Create Campaign” in the top right corner. Now you can see options to choose the objective of your campaign. 

With the latest updates, the LinkedIn ads creation process looks similar to that of Facebook. 

Once you have chosen the objective, you will be asked to define your target audience followed by the ad format that you want to use for your campaign. With the available options of single image ads, video ads, and message ads, you can choose the one that is most preferable for your campaign and business. 

Now that you have done these all, it is time to create ad campaigns. 

Create an Ad Campaign – 

To start with it, create an ad by adding a name, text and choosing an image. 

Creating a lead form is a two-step process wherein the first step you have is to name the form, selecting and explaining sections, adding a powerful CTA, and completing the privacy policy section. 

Once you are done with the first step, it is now time to choose what information you want to leads to fill. 

Asking a qualifying question supports you in following up effectively and efficiently. Nonetheless, keep the form to the point and short to increase the conversion rate. 

Ta-da! You are done with your LinkedIn campaign setup! 

Website Demographics – A Feature of LinkedIn Analytics : 

With the help of website demographics, your business gets the idea and information about the type of users visiting your website. Amazing, right? 

When you leverage LinkedIn Ads, it will focus on the professional aspects of your visitors. You can filter your visitors based on their job titles, company, location, and industry they work in. 

Website demographics support data-driven decision-making and creating a strategy that leads to profitable growth. 

You can access website demographics with the LinkedIn campaign manager. 

How To Leverage LinkedIn Matched Audience? 

With LinkedIn’s excellent feature of the “matched audience”, you can target three different audiences for your campaign based on their interaction with your page and industry. 

There are three ways in which you can target your audience. 

1. First is account targeting – 

With account targeting ad type, you can upload a CSV list of company names, resulting in accurate targeting of decision-makers and influencers. 

According to the data, account targeting increase post-click conversion rate by 32% and decrease in post-click cost -per-conversions by 4.7% 

2. Second is website retargeting – 

Website retargeting allows your business to target those who have visited your site before. 

With website retargeting ads, ad campaigns experienced a 30% boost in CTR and a 14% decrease in post-click cost-per-conversion. 

3. Third is Contact Targeting – 

With contact targeting, you need to upload the CSV list of email addresses of users you want to target and are already connected with. It is quite similar to Facebook’s traditional custom audience option. 

LinkedIn’s matched audience makes it possible to target specific types of users resulting in improved reach and desired results. As you will be knowing your target audience, you can create ad copies and graphic designs that will appeal to them the most. 

Moreover, you can also target a “warm” audience who is more likely to respond to what you have to say. 

With contact targeting Ads campaigns, brands experience a 37% increase in the Click-Through-Rate (CTR). 

How To Create Matched Audiences? 

To create Matched Audiences, you need to go to the ad creation tool and from there you can make it. 

In the ad creation tool, you will see the option of “who is your target audience” section and from there you can see the “Add matched audience” option. 

Based on the matched audience type you choose, your ad campaign will perform accordingly. 

How To Use LinkedIn’s Native Video – 

Among all the types and formats of ads, video ads are more engaging and interactive. Thus, Video is the best option to choose when you want a higher engagement ratio. 

With the latest feature of LinkedIn native video features, you can create videos with in-app cameras and upload them right then. By utilizing the native video platform of LinkedIn, marketers experience significantly more engagement on their page. 

With the latest version of the app, you can upload multiple videos with images. However, the video should not be longer than 10 minutes and the file size should be under 5GB. You can see the video recorder symbol next to the camera symbol on your device. 

As a marketer, you understand the importance of a highly professional platform and thus you should keep that in mind when creating and uploading your videos as well. Create and upload videos that represent your business in an appropriate manner and add value to your audiences’ feeds. 

Before creating your video, it is a good idea to watch other videos as a reference. 

How To Get Started With LinkedIn Campaign Manager – 

If you have ever used a Facebook Business Manager, you can easily manage LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager. 

With LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager, you can manage ad campaigns, edit page and account details, access analytics, feedback, and much more. 

How Much Does LinkedIn Ads Cost? How to Decide Bids And Budget? 

To leverage LinkedIn Ads, it is important to utilize your budget in a strategic manner. LinkedIn budgets can be decided based on the milestones you choose – be it impressions, clicks, or actions. 

How Bids Work On LinkedIn? 

On LinkedIn, you have two options for bidding. The first is Maximum cost bidding and another one is Automated bidding. 

With maximum cost bidding, you can pick the maximum amount you are willing to spend by CPC, CPM, or CPV. 

With Automated bidding, LinkedIn uses past campaign data and user information to automatically set and adjust the bid and to make it optimized for the chosen campaign objective. 

If you want to have maximum results with your objective, it is best to go with automated bidding. 

However, if you have a limited budget, then it is best to go with the maximum bid method. 

Automated bidding will give you a maximum number of clicks, and conversions. 

If you are new to LinkedIn Ads, it is best to go with automatic bidding and let LinkedIn gather data for you. You can set a daily maximum budget to make sure that you don’t overspend. 

Though there are a lot of things that we have discussed here, an experienced team of LinkedIn Ads managers can give you more promising results as they know some of the hacks that work each time. 

Looking for someone who can help you with your LinkedIn Ad strategy and execution? No worries! Your search ends here. Mail us at info@showmeupmedia.com and we will be soon in touch with you! Hoping to see you in our mailbox soon! 🙂 

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