5 Tips On How To Do SEO in Canada

  • Matt Southern
  • November 3, 2021

If you have searched for “how to do SEO in Canada” or “how to rank your website in Canada” and landed on this page, you have got to the right page. Targeting an audience from a particular region or a location is different from the general SEO you do on your website.

When you want to attract traffic from a specific location, you have to plan your strategy differently to get the desired results. When you have a business in Canada, you need to craft a strategy that is shaped in a way that brings desired results.

In this blog post, we have discussed how you can rank your website in Canada. So keep reading this blog and use these techniques for your website.

If you have your business in Canada and want to drive more traffic to your website from Canada, have a domain name that ends with .ca and not .com. Domains with “.com” drive traffic from around the world and might diversify your traffic. Whereas having a “.ca” domain brings traffic that is specifically from Canada.

If you have a business that has a presence in multiple countries, you need to have multiple domains that redirect users to a particular domain based on their country. Having a country-specific domain or redirecting users to country-specific domains is a sure way of skyrocketing and boosting the organic traffic of your site.

Follow the steps below to get Canadian traffic to your website.

Set Geographic Target to Canada With Google WebMaster Tools:

Google’s “Webmaster Tools” is a great tool by Google for all website owners that provides information about how Google views your website. With Google Webmaster Tools, you can set a geography target for your website. So when you set your geographical location as “Canada” you get more traffic from Canada.

Make your Meta-Data Optimised with “Canada” As a Keyword:

While performing on-page SEO of your website, it is important to add relevant keywords in meta title, meta description, title tags and H1 tags of your website. By including relevant keywords in your website, you indicate to Google that your website is from Canada and you are serving people in Canada.

Leverage Local SEO:

As the name suggests, Local SEO is a way of getting organic traffic from a particular area, region or country. With Local SEO, you can get a clear advantage for your website. There are multiple things you can do with Local SEO, and you can get started by creating a GMB page.

GMB stands for “Google My Business”. It is a free product by Google that helps your business in getting better visibility. Follow these steps in GMB to get the maximum results possible:

1. Add Your Business Information:

Adding your business information like what your business does, how you are different from your competitors, stating your USP along with a short description of your business helps visitors to get a quick and fair idea about your business.

Mention your business name, address, working hours, working days, photos, email address and phone number to make it easier for people to reach your business. Provide as much information as you can about your business in Canada.

2. Ask For Reviews:

Reviews play an important role in getting more business. Before making a decision, people like to know how other peoples’ experiences were with your business. Encouraging your audience to give you a Google Review will increase the credibility and trust factor of your business. Ask all the customers who have got your services in the past to do you a small favour, and be grateful to them for that.

3. Reply to Reviews and Messages You Get on GMB:

When you reply to reviews on GMB, other people can know that you care about what people have to say about your business and you are actively online to listen to their queries. Moreover, replying quickly to your customers on messages shows your dedication towards your business and increases the value of your business.

Mention Your Canadian Address on Your Website:

Adding a map of your business location to your website’s footer and contact us page, you tell Google that your business is located in Canada. This may look like a minor thing but it is highly important for your website to rank in Canada or any other targeted location and country. Moreover, include Canadian cities pages on your website if you have your stores in multiple cities of Canada. Mentioning multiple cities makes it easier for your site to rank for those particular cities in Canada.

Build Backlinks From Canadian Websites:

To get local visibility, you will be needing backlinks from the country you are targeting. Other than building general backlinks for your website, focus on getting it from .ca websites. It may take some more time to get quantity and quality backlinks, particularly from .ca domains but it is worth all your time and efforts. By following this simple and effective strategy, you will see a major difference in your organic website traffic within a limited period of time.

Final Thoughts:

When targeting a particular country, you need to adapt to different approaches and strategies than how you do for normal SEO for your website. You may see a low performance in the initial stage of your strategy execution but you will soon see quality traffic from your target market and audience. Create content that is interesting, informative and entertaining to your Canadian audience and you will see success in your efforts for sure.

If you want your website to rank in Canada and are looking for professional help for that, get in touch with our team of in-house SEO specialists to guide you through and build a personalized strategy based on your business and marketing objectives.

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